Horoscope is the base of Prediction. Without Horoscope astrological prediction is not possible. We provide Horoscope (Janma Patrika) for new born babies or otherwise individuals. We would like to suggest you this easy way. Send your Request by Email or Phone and Get this Horoscope through Email in PDF Format.

This report includes: Birth Detail with Panchang, Lagna Kundli, Chalit Kundli, Cusp Kundli, Rashi Kundli, Navmasa Kundli, Sadvargiya Kundli, Shada Bala, Sudarshan Chakra, Astakvarga Chart, Astrottari Dasha, Vimsottari Pratyantar Dasha, Sadesati Report, Favourable Points and General Predictions.

Charges: Rs. 350 | $ 11 USD

(Charges in USD is applicable for NRI)